About MLS


1)  Are you looking for a well organized softball program?

2)  Do you appreciate professional umpiring officials, knowledgeable scorekeepers, instantly available game schedules and excellent field conditions?

3)  Have you wanted to know your Batting Average, your Fielding Percentage, or your ERA?

4)  Do you have what it takes to make it into the "TOP 10"? Do you want to find out?


EXPERIENCE: Major League Softball, Inc. (MLS) has been in business since 1986 and organizes adult softball programs in more than 20 cities using 70 fields throughout California. MLS currently coordinates over 240 leagues each season and adds more each year.


QUALITY: MLS conducts instructional clinics and routinely evaluates officials. Umpires and Scorekeepers are tested annually and become SCMAF certified before they are assigned to a field. Scorekeeping services are computerized to provide you with real time on-the-field stats at the end of every game. Teams also receive their weekly issue of Dugout Dirt, MLS's weekly newletter with updated League Standings, "League Leaders", individual player statistics and summarized team/game reports.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: Above all, MLS cares about what you have to say and takes pride in serving program participants. Each MLS program is served by dedicated Customer Service staff that are available via phone, email and fax. When you have questions, MLS is there with has answers. Rule clarifications, scheduling issues, complaints, comments, or concerns of any kind.... MLS is there for you!

WEB PRESENCE: Whether you're looking to register a team for an upcoming season, your company wants to form a league or you're a Free Agent offering your services to teams in need of your skills, you've come to the right place. Welcome, you've arrived at your one-stop adult softball site! www.mlsoftball.com