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Registration is NOW open and must be received no later than: SUNDAY, AUGUST 7*  ALL TEAMS ARE WELCOME! Priority will be given to Returning teams who have paid their deposit up until the Registration Deadline shown above, and ONLY if they do not have any previous disciplinary actions taken against them and/or a history of forfeits. After the Registration Deadline passes, any remaining spaces will be given out to teams as they register & pay their deposits. Please be sure to read the REGISTRATION POLICIES page for registration procedures and team acceptance polices.

* GAME TIME or BYE requests for WEEK 1 must be received by the Registration Deadline stated above.  Requests sent in for WEEK 1 after this deadline will not be considered.



MEN'S PLAY IS AVAILABLE: Tuesday & Wednesday
COED PLAY IS AVAILABLE: Monday, Wednesday & Thursday

NEW TEAMS: Click the Register NOW! button to reserve your spot in the upcoming season.

RETURNING TEAMS: Click the LOGIN! button to login using your User Name & Password and ACTIVATE your team. Don't forget to update your roster information for the new season, what you see on the screen during registration will be your roster for the next season. If you wish to change your team name or day of play, email us & we can assist you. Please do not create a NEW team or you will be required to pay the NEW team fees.

LEAGUE START & SCHEDULES (please read carefully)MLS will be in touch with each manager directly, as needed, with questions or to communicate any information that may be missing to complete registration.  First week "temp" schedules will be posted online within 48 hrs after the REGISTRATION DEADLINE (stated above) closes.  Full season schedules will then be posted within 48hrs after the first week plays.

** Teams that do not have the mandatory $100 "Good Faith Deposit" on file WILL NOT be placed on a schedule **



ALL TEAMS (new & returning) are required to pay a minimum, non-refundable deposit of $100.00 before your Registration will be COMPLETE ... aka your "Good Faith Deposit" or GFD. Your GFD deposit must be received on/or before the Registration Deadline for your team to be placed onto a schedule. Your GFD payment will be applied to your Registration Fee for the season.

NEW TEAM REGISTRATION FEE (includes a one-time $35 non-refundable Online Sign-up Fee):

SPRING, SUMMER, FALL / MON-SUN (8 games + playoffs all teams qualify) = $455.00*

WINTER FORMAT (if needed) / MON-SUN (6 games + playoffs all teams qualify) = $430.00*

RETURNING TEAM REGISTRATION FEE (must be in good standing, registered online before, no unpaid forfeits on record):

SPRING, SUMMER, FALL / MON-SUN (8 games + playoffs all teams qualify) = $420.00*

WINTER FORMAT (if needed) / MON-SUN (6 games + playoffs all teams qualify) = $395.00*

* Team Registration Fees DO NOT include Officials Fees which are $30.00 CASH per team/per game, payable BEFORE each game. (NOTE: due to the severe shortage of game officials, the Official's Fees have been increased in order to attract and retain more officials.).

PAYMENT METHODS: Registration Fees (minus the GFD you paid when you registered) may be paid as follows: (1) ANYTIME via PayPal *, (2) at the MANAGER'S MEETING or (3) ON THE FIELD via Cash, Money Order, or Personal Check. WE DO NOT ACCEPT POST DATED CHECKS!

* PayPal allows you to pay with any bank or checking account and all major credit cards! Just LOGIN and select the MAKE PAYMENT option. You can pay with PayPal at any time during the season!

LATE FEES & RETURNED CHECK FEES: Registration fees must be paid IN FULL by the 3rd week of play for 10-game seasons OR by the 2nd week of play for 8-game seasons. If late, a $50.00 late fee will be added to your balance and payment options will be limited to PayPal or CASH on the field. Personal checks will be subject to a $50.00 NSF Returned Check Fee and no further checks will be accepted.

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No internet access for registration purposes?

Call 714-289-1983 Ext. 2

Monday - Friday, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm.

and we will assist you with the registration process. Please have your credit card information handy, have access to a fax machine, and be ready to provide a working email address.