Private Leagues

Private League Administration and Services:
What do Disneyland, Costco and Kaiser Permanente all have in common? They use Major League Softball to help make their league and tournament programs better. MLS can give your company-sponsored program a similar assist with specifically tailored services that make the whole experience a winner for all.

MLS's administrative team will meet personally with your group's program coordinators to develop a game plan that is customized to address every need. From selecting your program's day of play to the field locations to special rules and fundamental services like umpiring, scorekeeping and game scheduling, our goal is to provide the best Private League experience obtainable. Though no detail is too small, every feature is available on a modular, the client chooses basis and fees are based on the scope of service selected. Available services include:

Facility Locations and Reservations
Program Development (Rules, Policies, etc.)
Web Hosting Services
Assignment of Slow Pitch, Fast Pitch and/or Baseball Umpires
Assignment of Official Scorers
Computerized Scoring Services
On-field League Coordination
Game Scheduling Services
Tournament Marketing & Direction Services

Contact us today and let us show you why companies that provide outstanding recreation programs team up their softball programs with MLS!


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