Program Services

With program marketing, umpiring, game schedules on the internet, instant statistics on the ball field, and everything else in between, MLS has the experience, the people and the technology to handle whatever scope of service you desire. What's more, MLS can provide this entire range of services at an incredibly competitive cost. Thanks to talented employees, sophisticated software and fully field-tested techniques, we can provide your organization with the very best Softball League at a very economical price.

Currently, MLS assists more than 20 California municipalities with the operation of their adult softball and baseball programs. MLS's ever growing client list also includes private organizations that prefer to provide innovative program features and superior officiating services to their participants.

MLS strives to keep things simple. Every service is offered on a modular basis whereby clients select from an extensive menu of services (The MLS Menu of Services document is available upon request). This way, clients choose the precise scope of service, nothing more or less than they need. MLS clients achieve their goals by utilizing one of the following contractual arrangements:

Operating Services (OS):
OS clients depend on MLS to handle all day to day operations and to ensure that their programs achieve optimal participation levels. The following service components are provided in each OS arrangement:

⇒ Program Marketing and Promotion
Administration and Customer Service 7 Days, 52 Weeks
Team Registration and Fee Collection
Game Scheduling
On-site Coordination
Umpiring Assignments
Official Scorer Assignments
Computerized Scoring Services
Procurement of Essential Game Materials
Design, Procurement & Distribution of Awards

And the launch of www.mlsoftball.com makes MLS's innovative program features readily available on the internet. Take a moment to explore the site and see how MLS's 34 years' of experience operating recreation programs plays a key role in the development of this powerful software tool.

Program Services (PS):
Agencies looking for that one special feature to enhance their already successful program may select from a wide array of services. Available PS's include:

Assignment of Slow Pitch, Fast Pitch and/or Baseball Umpires
Assignment of Official Scorers
Computerized Scoring Services
On-field League Coordination
Game Scheduling Services
Tournament Marketing & Direction Services
Mailing List Maintenance
Team Data Base Maintenance

And for agencies seeking a more involved operational partner, MLS will tailor a PS package that includes a combination of services designed to meet the client's wants and needs. MLS presently provides individual and packaged PS's to 22 client Agencies throughout California.

Speaking of economy, we realize that words can be cheap. That actions speak louder than words. And we know our activities of the past twenty years speak for themselves. But if you're still not convinced, just ask our satisfied customers, like the cities of Cerritos, Orange, and Riverside.

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